Leveraging Our Experience to Help You Succeed.

Areas of Practice

Mentoring & Executive Coaching

Building trust among stakeholders – faculty, administrative colleagues, college counselors, trustees, students, parents — is key to the success of the chief enrollment officer and ultimately to achieving institutional enrollment and net revenue goals.  With over 85 years of experience in higher education and 55 years as chief enrollment officers, our two principals are well positioned to mentor and to provide executive coaching to new deans/VPs of enrollment. Our goal is to optimize communication and leadership styles and to provide strategic advice and counsel as challenges or sensitive issues come to the surface.  Our comprehensive retainer fee will allow up to 60 hours of work with the dean/VP including assessment, goal setting, plan implementation and review of outcomes.

Among the areas we will assess for development and shaping:

  1. Cross-Campus Communication: working with faculty and administrative staff to enlist support of  recruitment and retention goals and active assistance in achieving those goals.
  2. Cabinet Relations: Support of and from colleagues is essential for success.  Relationships with the CFO and the Provost, not to mention the President, will be explored as part of the assessment and goal setting.
  3. Board of Trustee Relations: Successful deans/VPs for enrollment will not only be confidence builders for the Board, but will understand the role of the Board and their role with board members vis-a-vis the president.  They will know how to build concise and informative presentations and will have the confidence to admit when they do not know an answer and the tools to be able to provide that answer in short time.
  4. Alumni Relations: A key stakeholder group, alumni can be of tremendous help in student recruitment.  They also can be disruptive.  Developing alliances among alumni will be an important part of our assessment and goal setting process.

Advising College Presidents

We will also work with new and current Presidents who are encountering enrollment pressures and institutional challenges that are unprecedented. We can facilitate critical conversations, grounded in institutional realities and framed by broader higher education marketplace influences; one-on-one, among the cabinet officers, and with Trustees.

Staffing-hiring, Developing, Retaining, Re-purposing, etc.

Getting the right people in the right positions is key to the success of any administrative organization.  Working with the dean/VP, EIN will assess the structure of the admissions and enrollment division, and with input from the dean/VP, will make recommendations for changes if necessary.  We will also work with the dean/VP to assess the strengths and developmental needs of the current staff and of candidates for employment to help build a staff with the talent and motivation to achieve institutional enrollment goals.  Covered in this service is an assessment of the dean/VP’s management style and recommendations for change if necessary.

Working with Financial-aid Optimization Tools

EIN will advise the dean/VP on how to best work with financial aid optimization vendors to secure the best, most accurate results at the lowest possible price.  EIN does not provide a financial aid optimization service, but its principals have worked with a number of firms over the years and can help the dean/VP get the best results for the money spent on the service.

Working with Marketing Vendors

Whether a web or print writing designing firm, or a student search intelligence firm, EIN can help prepare RFPs, advise on selection and help to maximize ROI.  There are so many firms in the market place today that it is a challenge to select the right firm for your institution.  As another pair of eyes and ears, our experienced principals can help guide the hiring decision and to advise on the management of the process and assessment of the results.

Data-informed Decision Making

We start with the assumption that the chief enrollment officer is comfortable with data and knows what to ask for, how to get it and how to use it to make decisions.  But often, the data will not provide clear direction.  Again, the principals at EIN, with their years of experience, can help to make sense of the data and what it might be telling us in order to make the most informed decisions possible.