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Enrollment Management Executive Coaching and Mentoring

As enrollment management consultants and advisors,  coaching and mentoring new deans and VPs of enrollment is our specialty. It is a sign of strength for a new leader to seek or a president to offer this “behind the scenes” resource to maximize the opportunity for success.

Today’s enrollment and admissions leaders face unprecedented pressures as demographics, cost, and value skepticism combine to reduce demand for four-year colleges. Leaders who can master both tactical and strategic modes of action will succeed. Once there was the luxury of learning these competing perspectives on the job. Today? It is hit the ground running and produce results immediately.   

Working with the president or the Dean /VP’s direct supervisor, we:

  • Provide a preliminary assessment of the Dean/VP’s strengths and areas for development.
  • Partner to set goals and then recommend tools to achieve those goals.
  • Conduct a careful review of subsequent progress, sharing our insights with the Dean/VP and the President.

Building trust among stakeholders – faculty, administrative colleagues, college counselors, trustees, students, parents — is key to the success of the chief enrollment officer and ultimately to achieving institutional enrollment and net revenue goals.  Wise leaders do not go it alone when there is the option to leverage experience, intuition, and another set of eyes.

With over 85 years of experience in higher education and 55 years as chief enrollment officers, our two principals are well-positioned to mentor and to provide executive coaching to new deans or vice presidents of enrollment. Our goal is to optimize communication and leadership styles and to provide strategic advice and counsel as challenges or sensitive issues come to the surface.  Our comprehensive retainer fee will allow up to 50 hours of work with the dean/VP including assessment, goal setting, plan implementation and review of outcomes.

Among the areas we will assess for development and shaping:

  1. Cross-Campus Communication
  2. Cabinet Relations
  3. Board of Trustee Relations
  4. Alumni Relations
  5. Managing up
  6. Staff relations

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Advising College Presidents on Enrollment Issues

We facilitate critical conversations, grounded in institutional realities, and framed by broader higher education marketplace influences; one-on-one, among the cabinet officers, and with Trustees.

We help presidents understand the variety of contemporary “tools of the trade,”  optimal enrollment management structures, financial aid pitfalls, marketing realities (external and internal), and what to look for when hiring a chief enrollment officer. 

Along with the president, CFOs, chief enrollment and marketing officers often want feedback and advice on high-level strategic enrollment planning and on data driven enrollment strategies. Our two principals, with over 85 combined years of experience at small private colleges and universities, are poised to provide guidance when you need it.

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Admissions and Financial Aid Audit

When you need to improve undergraduate student recruitment and financial aid results, we perform a comprehensive review of both processes and policy and their impact on outcomes. 

We review at least five years of admissions funnel data, along with financial aid and merit scholarship awarding patterns over those years. We will also examine staffing levels and job responsibilities.  We look at marketing materials and communication flow.  The principals of Enrollment Intelligence Now, with over 85 years of campus-based enrollment management, financial aid and marketing experience, will help chief enrollment officers make sense out of financial aid optimization tools to improve efficiencies.

We will interface with marketing vendors to assure that prospective students are getting the right messages at the right time to impact their application and enrollment decisions.

Finally, we work with chief enrollment officers to make sense of data and then to make the most informed decisions possible.  Each observation we make will be followed by a recommendation for improvement or a validation of current practice in an easy-to-read and follow format that could serve as a roadmap to constructive change.

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