For first-time deans and VPs of enrollment management at small private colleges:
Partnering to exceed expectations in admissions and financial aid

Solving Enrollment Issues

Improving Admissions and Financial Aid Results


Good News: Total undergraduate enrollments in Fall 2023 increased slightly by 2.1%

Bad News: College enrollment of first-year students continued to decline from 2022 — falling 6.1% at public universities and 4% at private, non-profit colleges

No Wonder: Fewer than half of admissions deans surveyed by Inside Higher Ed had achieved their class goals by May 1. Of those who did not, only 21% hit their target by June 1.


How can you beat the odds?

Enrollment management executive coaching helps get you there.

Agile, adaptive decision-making and an astute understanding of campus-wide alliance building characterize successful enrollment management leaders.   

With a combined 85 years of on-campus experience with institutions just like yours, Enrollment Intelligence Now serves as a strategic partner and trusted advisor in converting today’s steady stream of challenges into tomorrow’s success. 

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We are an enrollment management consulting firm specializing in strategic enrollment management for small private colleges.

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