Partnering to support your enrollment professionals & institutional goals

Although total undergraduate enrollments in Fall, 2023 increased slightly by 2.1%, over half of that increase was in the community colleges, fueled by larger numbers of high school students in dual enrollment programs. Unfortunately, the enrollment of first-year students continued to decline from 2022 — falling 6.1% at public universities and and 4% at private, non-profit colleges. Fewer than half of admissions deans surveyed by Inside Higher Ed had achieved their class goals by May 1. Of those who did not, only 21% hit their target by June 1.

Typically, institutions that fall short respond by behavior very common to higher education—study the issue, hire a consultant, discuss the proposed action, confer across campus, and then act “decisively,” oftentimes months later.  If there ever was the luxury of time in the business of enrollment management, it is certainly not now.  Nor, in the shadow cast by Covid 19, will it be anytime in the coming decade of rapid demographic change and uncertain finances.

Agile, adaptive decision making and an astute understanding of alliance-building are the underpinnings of successful enrollment management organizations, impacting admission, financial aid and retention programs.  Enrollment Intelligence Now can become a strategic partner in helping institutions address today’s challenges for tomorrow’s success by working with presidents, CFOs and chief enrollment officers, offering perspective, direction and counsel whenever you need it.