Client list & Testimonials

Our full-time experience

  • Bucknell
  • Case Western Reserve
  • Colgate
  • Dickinson
  • Drew
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Lafayette
  • Union

Partial Client List:

  • Alfred University, Alfred, NY
  • Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, VA
  • Delaware Valley University, Doylestown, PA
  • Drew University, Madison, NJ
  • Lafayette College, Easton, PA
  • Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA
  • Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, OH
  • The Pennington School, Pennington, NJ
  • Trinity College, Hartford, CT
  • Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA
  • Wagner College, Staten Island, NY


The success of Dickinson College from 1999 to 2013 and beyond would not have been possible without Bob Massa. Bob was highly respected by all members of the college community for thoughtful, yet bold decisions that helped move the college to another level of success and prestige. He balances a keen sense of what is possible in higher education with an acute appreciation of data-informed decision-making that yields results in a timely, critical manner. Bob also knew that all aspects of college operation are ultimately connected and that success resides in what is often overlooked when silos are created.  He possesses an energy that is institutionally contagious and that helped define the Dickinson community and how it conducted itself both internally and externally.

Dr. Bill Durden
President Emeritus, Dickinson College (1999-2013)
President of the International University Alliance
Courtesy Professor (research), School of Education, Johns Hopkins University.

In my years as a university dean and college president, I often found the complexity and rapidly-changing  environment around admissions and financial aid required expert advice for effective management and strategic decision making. It was my good fortune to have worked at Hopkins with both Bob Massa and Bill Conley and then years later with Bob at Lafayette.  They brought an evidence-based rigor to their enrollment management roles, understood how to navigate within various management environments to accomplish the collective good, and listened intently to the multiple perspectives that surround any issue on a college campus.  I counted on them for advice and counsel and they delivered.  The next ten years will present unprecedented challenges to institutions of higher education. Colleges must avail themselves of the best strategic thinking, especially around the areas of admissions, financial aid and retention, to remain relevant and sustainably competitive.  Enrollment Intelligence Now is a unique resource to guide a college’s critical decision-making. 

Dr. Daniel H. Weiss
Dean of Arts & Sciences, Johns Hopkins University 2001-2005
President, Lafayette College, 2005-13

Enrollment management challenges are complex, multifaceted and seldom easy to diagnose. When I am seeking advice or guidance on a particular enrollment issue, Bill Conley and Bob Massa are at the top of my list. They are high character enrollment professionals, with experience at a wide variety of institutions with varying degrees of selectivity. If you are a new college president or recently named Vice President of Enrollment and seek a bench coach to advise you on the tough decisions that need to be made early in your tenure, Bill Conley and Bob Massa should be on your speed dial. 
Gregory V. MacDonald, Vice President Enrollment Management, Lafayette College

In the coming decade, many colleges and universities will be faced with critical, if not existential, strategic decisions about their approach to enrollment. These decisions will often have to be made quickly and with imperfect data. In such an environment, it will be invaluable to have the counsel of seasoned and successful enrollment professionals, people who bring to the table a wealth of experience across many years and a variety of institutions. Bob Massa and Bill Conley, with whom I worked at Johns Hopkins, are just such people. Under their leadership, Hopkins transformed its recruitment of students, increasing quality, selectivity, and diversity through a set of evidence-based strategies that capitalized on the real strengths of the university while also pushing it in valuable new directions. The result was a Hopkins that was a better version of its same true self. Bob and Bill are committed to learning deeply about each individual institution, as an indispensable context for providing the best counsel to a college to guide its mission critical decision-making.

Dr. Adam F. Falk
Dean of Arts & Sciences, Johns Hopkins University, 2005-2010
President of Williams College, 2010-2017

Bill Conley and Bob Massa were part of a consulting team that came to our campus during the summer of 2016 as I was being on-boarded as Alfred University’s 14th president.  Their thoughtful analysis and the recommendations they made were invaluable to our University. From experiencing four straight years of declining incoming undergraduate student enrollments over 2013-2016, we have seen undergraduate student enrollments grow consistently from 2017-2020. An unintended consequence of this growth: parking on campus is now an issue. Bill and Bob helped to create this good problem that we are now seeking to resolve.

Dr. Mark Zupan
President, Alfred University

When I became president of Drew University in 2014, I called on Bob Massa immediately to help me understand what was happening in admissions.  Serving first as a consultant and then as my senior vice president, Bob not only produced a 40% increase in the size of the incoming class, but gained the trust of the faculty, the staff and the board through his communication style and his inclusive approach to decision-making.  I can’t think of a better mentor to first-time deans of admission and vice presidents for enrollment than Bob Massa.

Dr. MaryAnn Baenninger
President, Drew University, 2014-2020