Our Reason for Being

Enrollment Intelligence Now (EIN) is not your typical admissions/financial aid consulting firm. While we can certainly provide the traditional “data analysis, observations and recommendations” offered by other enrollment firms, our main thrust is to assure that the chief enrollment officer has the skills and the know-how — beyond the basics of recruitment, marketing and aid leveraging — to be successful. We also work with presidents, CFOs and chief marketing officers on high-level strategic enrollment planning. Our two principals have over 85 combined years of experience at private colleges and universities and are poised to provide guidance when you need it.

When hiring a chief enrollment officer presidents look for years of experience and successful results in admission and financial aid. If a V.P. or dean fails, it is often because relationship building and the nurturing of key stakeholders were overlooked priorities or were not fully developed.

The successful chief enrollment officer keeps the president fully informed, relates effectively to members of the board, builds alliances with faculty, negotiates with the CFO and the provost, and mentors staff and develops partnerships with schools, colleges and businesses. That’s where EIN comes in! Mentoring and coaching first-time deans/VPs of enrollment is our specialty. It is simply a misconception that mentoring is “remedial.” In fact, we believe it a sign of strength for a president to offer this “behind the scenes” resource to maximize a new leader’s opportunities for success. We will provide a preliminary assessment of the dean/VP’s strengths and needs for development; we will help to set goals and then suggest tools to achieve those goals. And we will conduct a careful review of progress, sharing our insights with the dean/VP and the President.

At the request of the president, we will be available throughout the academic year, to advise them and their senior team on critical issues facing the institution and on strategic communication with the board and with faculty leaders vis-a-vis admission, financial aid and retention. The EIN team can also advise on enrollment and price/value related messaging to alumni, schools and the media. We are experienced and nationally recognized public speakers, and can be “out- front” on sensitive enrollment-related topics if that is what you need.

Top 10 issues we have resolved in our careers 

  • sinking enrollment numbers
  • escalating discount rate
  • under-enrollment of students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • narrow geographic representation, small numbers of international students
  • decreasing retention and graduation rates
  • budget deficits
  • “best kept secret”
  • strained relationships with faculty, colleagues, the board
  • non-descript and inconsistent messaging
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