Why Work With
Enrollment Intelligence Now®

With a combined 85 year track record of success at institutions just like yours, our experience becomes your experience, producing greater results such as:

Stronger Stakeholder Relationships

Inform your campus stakeholders of the challenges and build a community-wide commitment to action.

Empower Your Enrollment Team

Develop leadership skills and build a high- performing team equipped to execute your strategic vision.

Data-Driven Enrollment Strategies

Leverage deep market insights and advanced analytics to pinpoint your ideal student base and build targeted recruitment campaigns.

Optimize Your Admissions Funnel

Refine your processes to attract, engage, and convert qualified applicants, turning inquiries into enrollments with greater efficiency.

Take Action NOW

Typically, institutions that fall short of enrollment and net tuition revenue goals respond by behavior very common to higher education. They:

  • study the issue hire a consultant
  • debate the proposed action and confer across campus
  • then act “decisively,” oftentimes months later, if at all

Elapsed Time: At least ten months
Meantime: Another admissions cycle comes and goes and not too well.

If there ever was the luxury of time in the business of enrollment management, it is certainly not now. Not when higher education’s terrifying trifecta- demographics, rising cost, and public skepticism of value is bearing down on most four-year colleges.

Your Strategic Partner

Enrollment Intelligence Now, with a combined 85 years of on-campus experience with institutions just like yours, serves as a strategic partner and trusted advisor in converting today’s steady stream of challenges into tomorrow’s success. We work with presidents, CFOs,  CMOs and chief enrollment officers, offering perspective, direction, and counsel when you need it: NOW

The principals at Enrollment Intelligence Now have been serving colleges and universities since 1974 in the areas of admissions, financial aid, marketing, and student success, otherwise known as strategic enrollment management (SEM).  We help our clients address the current headwinds in student recruitment and retention. From time to time, our clients ask us about issues outside of our area of expertise.  In response to this, we refer them to our strategic partners, who can help them with issues beyond enrollment. 

Our Strategic Partners

The Change Leader, Inc.  Led by Dr. Drumm McNaughton, who works with college and university leaders and boards, The Change Leader specializes in installing board and shared governance best practices, accreditation preparation and overcoming sanctions, facilitating strategic planning and change management, and mergers and acquisitions.  Keeping pace with change is challenging, especially in this post-pandemic era, where financial challenges are paramount. The Change Leader, with an impressive group of expert consultants in multiple areas, focuses on working holistically with institutions to have them working in sync, not in silos, so that they thrive in any situation.

Show Up Strong® Online, an expert in assisting small to medium-sized organizations overcome the challenges of showing up, attracting, converting, and retaining their ideal consumers and clients in highly competitive markets often dominated by large brands and budgets. By efficiently aligning technology and digital marketing efforts with the psychographics of their consumer base and the mission, vision, and values of the organization, their clients not only reach their goals but excel in their respective marketplace. Their bespoke strategies include SEO, user experience (UX) optimization, segmentation, custom analytics, optimized website designs, and automation as part of their tailored approach to continuous growth and sustainability.

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